The No.1 Solution to Wobbly Tables

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Wobbly Table Bases?

The solution to the age old problem of wobbly tables in bars, restaurants, cafes and canteens has arrived.

Spiro Designs would like to introduce you to a range of self adjusting table bases that incorporate FLAT® Technology's, multi-award winning, self levelling and stabilising technology.

Table Bases - that self adjust!

These table bases put an end to the problems caused by uneven surfaces and wedging a beer mat under that table base will become a thing of the past.

The table instantly and automatically adapts itself to an uneven surface, keeping it flat and rock-solid no matter how many times it is moved.

FLAT® Technology is seamlessly installed inside the base saving time when laying out tables as there is no manual adjustment to be made.

British Standards BS4875-5:2001 and BS EN 1730:2000